WeWilder Campus


We believe we can change the rural reality by bringing different people together, by creating new communities within the already existing ones, by enhancing creative experiences in the midst of nature, by enjoying local food and by making the young proud that they live in a rural area surrounded by nature.

A place to reinvent the world from


Work From Nature

The perfect place for those looking to trade-in their traditional office for a few days with one that's in the heart of nature.

Our space features both indoor and outdoor desk spaces, with all the modern office conveniences, including a carefully curated library with 600+ books on sustainability.

Live In Nature

Individual cabins with huge windows where people can reconnect with themselves, nature and their work.

A shared common space that doubles as a community kitchen, where we convene for dining or idea sharing. Everything in a large garden with breathtaking views of Țarcu Mountain.

Experience Nature

Understand more about nature. Follow wild animal tracks. Listen to the birds. Learn from it. 

Get to know the locals and their culture. Get a taste of the rural life by walking around the village or by choosing a local experience and disconnect from the hustle of the city life.

Organisational Retreats

Be nourished by nature, local food and deep rest in the wild South-Western Carpathian Mountains to spark creativity in the work that you are passionate about.

Campus Co-Working, January 2024

Sat Bătrân, Romania

4 nights

Campus Co-Working, January 2024

Co-work with nature at your fingertips

Team Retreat

Sat Bătrân, Romania

4 nights

Team Retreat

Convene your team at the unforgettable WeWilder Campus, for an all inclusive experience close to wild nature

Team Nature Immersion

Țarcu Mountains, Romania

5 nights

Team Nature Immersion

Immerse your team in a unique experience on the frontline of nature conservation.


Our vision for WeWilder is to create an innovation center for nature entrepreneurship.

Catalyse green economy

WeWilder connects under the same umbrella accommodations, serving meals provided in collaboration with locals and experiences in the wild. The WeWilder Campus was a necessary focalisation for all those activities, as a place of departing in explorations and a place to reconvene.

WeWilder idea started with helping a few locals open up guest-houses, like SubMăgrin or Casa Țărănească. It continued with the world famous prototype MuMA Hut, nestled in the hills of Sat-Bătrân, and it will go further, beyond the gates of the Campus, with other joint-venture initiatives with locals, such as Șaica.

By creating demand for local products and services, from cheese, to apples and local hospitality, we want to further inspire the community to get involved in green businesses.

The WeWilder campus is a model.  Once validated, the team's intention is to learn, refine and multiply it  in other priority conservation areas in the region.