Tiny Houses

We created sustainable accommodations in the local community with all the modern comforts needed. Book a refreshing and forward-thinking stay in nature.


Your private view of the Bison Hillock area

Campus Huts

The three, easily accessible tiny houses on the WeWilder campus are embedded in nature and offer unique views over the campus orchard and the Armeniș commune. Following high sustainable standards, the architecture is modern with roots in local tradition.


Float in the scenery from this picturesque hut

MuMA Hut

One of the most praised huts, adored by guests and architect publications alike, this “tiny house” welcomes guests who want to experience wildlife both outside and inside the cottage with an audacious window onto the landscape.

Your stay is shaping up a local economy that helps restore nature

Your stay is generating revenues for 10+ local families

10% of what you pay is going to a local rewinding fund

What you eat, drink, wash your hands with, sleep on, how things are built - all come from local producers and a growing ecosystem of small, ethical, entrepreneurs in the region.

190 European bison are roaming freely as a result of our work

Village houses

We partnered with locals to help them turn old village farms into idyllic guest houses so that you can experience the traditional way of life for yourself.


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Casa Sub Măgrin

Step back in time and wind down, in our cozy and relaxing holiday house set in the picturesque village of Sat Bătrân or "the old village". This well preserved traditional farmhouse is built with stone walls and traditional materials.


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Casa Țărănească

This holiday house with a forest view is perfect for a holiday with the whole family, as it is pet friendly. This ancient house was restored with total respect for its innate simplicity and has fully furnished rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, and two bedrooms.

Experience Nature

We guide guests on a well hosted and balanced journey of reconnecting with wild nature. Our experienced and qualified guides work at the highest ethical, professional and sustainable standards.

Explore the wild