Support the first campus for rural entrepreneurship

We can drive fast change at no cost to you by making use of fiscal opportunities given by the Romanian government, or alternatively also via direct donations.

For companies

If you have a profitable business, you can make an impactful intervention by redirecting 20% of the profit or income taxes you owe to the state, through a sponsorship contract.

For employees

Redirect some of the taxes that would normally go to the state by investing just 5 minutes of your time. By choosing us as the NGO you support this year you are helping us tremendously.

For everyone

We welcome any and all donations, and are grateful for all the help we can get. If you're just looking for a one-time donation, then that is also very highly appreciated.

Become an investor

Be part of the story of local development by putting your money securely in the development of a rural ecotourism network and enjoy great returns from a type of business model that shares your values.

A springboard for local impact, a model for global scaling

You have the opportunity to contribute to a better natural environment for all of us and to become an official sponsor of WWF, the biggest nature conservation NGO in the world. With your support, we can continue WWF’s mission to stop the degradation of the environment through concrete sustainable interventions and to create a future in which people and nature thrive.

A green entrepreneurs’ network

WeWilder is a registered social enterprise that works like a cooperative of local entrepreneurial activities, products and services. We provide the legal umbrella for hardworking motivated locals to develop.

Income in the community

Since 2016, through building the local ecotourism offer, we’ve doubled the income of 5 local families and generated more than €30.000 revenues to locals from nature, every year.

We reinvest in nature

10% of revenues are dedicated to create a community conservation levy, this is an instrument that keeps giving back to nature. We estimate we will generate €50,000 annually for local restoration projects.

2 new local enterprises every year

We propose an innovative financing model to kickstart 2 new local enterprises every year: joint ventures where micro investors and locals kickstart sustainable business ideas into action; This year, we’ve kickstarted an e-bike business and one new sustainable tiny house.

Partner with us

Should you share the same enthusiasm as us for nature, sustainable living and beautiful sunsets, we are always open to see how we can integrate products and models of thinking in our way of doing things. From adventure equipment, to cutlery, food or energy saving, or anything sustainable, we are interested.