Support the first WWF innovation center for green entrepreneurship

If you have a profitable business, you can make an impactful intervention so that a community in the Carpathian Mountains can become a role model of the green economy, by redirecting 20% of the profit or income taxes you owe to the state, through a sponsorship contract.

We invite you to be part of WeWilder, one of WWF’s most ambitious projects.

Just three simple steps:

  1. Fill in the sponsorship contract with your company’s details and the sum that you can contribute with (20% from the tax going to the state, at no cost for your)

  2. You send the “.doc” format at this e-mail address

  3. We will send you back 2 signed copies of the contract by mail at the postal address that you indicate

The sponsorship can also be made every quarter and can be deducted from the quarterly tax, for the respective period.

Here you can download a informative guide developed by EY that describes the fiscal facility in more detail.

How do you calculate the sponsorship amount?

This is how you can calculate the sum that can be redirected from the profit tax for the entire 2020:

  • The company estimates the profit for the fiscal year 2020 as well as the income.

  • You can subtract the sponsorship sum from the profit tax, provided it is within the limits provided by the Fiscal Code  (20% from the income tax, maximum 5‰ (from the revenues).

  • 20% from the revenue tax for micro-companies due in each quarter, for the respective period expenses;

  • The company will transfer the remaining sum to the state with the imposed deadline (25 January 2021).

The business sector has a key role to play for sustainability in nature and communities’ wellbeing

WWF aims to collaborate with companies that abide to respecting nature and people throughout there activity. We strongly believe that the civil society and the work of NGO will not be impactful enough if they are limited to a bubble and if the business sector doesn’t join forces.

Your company’s contribution to the WeWilder campus is more than a sponsorship, it is an open invitation to be part of this place where we reinvent the world, where we want to host workshops for business innovation and where you can come anytime for meaningful holidays.

The conditions for this fiscal facility:

  • The company must pay profit tax or income tax;

  • The parts must sign a contract to justify the action under the legal provisions;

  • The redirected funds must be under the lowest limit of the ones described below:

    • - 5‰ from the revenues, or

    • - 20% from the profit tax due.

In case the sum surpasses the two conditions, the difference is considered deductible for a following fiscal period and will be deducted from the profit tax within the next 7 years.

Sponsorship calculation example

For companies that pay income tax:

  • Revenues = 30 000 000 lei
  • Taxable profit = 8 000 000 lei
  • 5‰ of revenues: =150 000 lei
  • Profit tax (16%) = 1 280 000 lei
  • 20% of profit tax = 256 000
  • Profit tax to pay, after deducting the sponsorship amount = 1 130 000
  • Sponsorship =200 000 lei
  • Eligible amount for the fiscal credit =150 000 lei
  • Fiscal credit carried over in the next period = 50 000 lei
  • Income tax left to pay = 1 130 000 lei

For companies that pay income tax:

  • Taxable revenues = 400 000 lei
  • Tax on the revenues of micro-companies (3%) = 12 000 lei
  • 20% of revenue tax = 2400 lei
  • Eligible amount for the fiscal credit = 2400 lei
  • Sponsorship = 2600 lei
  • Fiscal credit carried over in the next period = 200 lei

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