About Us

WeWilder is a social enterprise partnership between WWF Romania and local community members. Our mission is to create a blueprint for sustainable development of local communities on the frontline of nature conservation with support from Flex Foundation.

We work to bring people closer to wild nature and create true value for people and nature in Armeniș comune and the foothills of Țarcu Mountains. Here WWF and Rewilding Europe are working to create a rewilding landscape, now with over 100 free roaming bison.

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Be Wilder at WeWilder

At the foothills of Romania’s Țarcu Mountains, we bring people closer to wild nature in a rewilding landscape with over 115 free-roaming bison. We offer unique retreats, accommodations and experiences that create true value for both people and nature. Taste, discover, enjoy authentic ecotourism where locals still live with the seasons.

An eclectic team driven by a greater purpose

Our people are a wild combination of various expertise: sustainability experts, nature-lovers, creative minds, technical wizards and financial specialists that give their best to co-create change where it is most needed.

Meet the wilders

WeWilder Campus


The perfect place for those looking to trade-in their traditional office for a few days with one that's in the heart of nature. Our space features both indoor and outdoor desk spaces, with all the modern office conveniences, including a carefully curated library with 600+ books on sustainability.

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Nature is the foundation of our economies and our lives. We need everyone at the table where we design concrete steps towards a healthier, more resilient and equitable world. We are grateful for some of the best in class companies and experts in our team and their commitment to community led solutions for sustainability.

Partner with us

We are working towards a local economy that operates within the earth's limits. This small community in the Carpathians is a canvas for ideas that can spark similar collaboration at scale. By experiencing what is possible, everyone is motivated to take action in their own sphere.