Core Team

An eclectic team driven by one greater purpose: true love for wilderness and the local people who take care of it. Our people are a wild combination of various expertise: sustainability experts, nature-lovers, creative minds, technical wizards and financial specialists that give their best to co-create change where it is most needed.

Oana Mondoc

Business development & community coordinator, WeWilder, WWF

Alina Floroi

Culture & operations coordinator, WeWilder

Matei Miculescu

Wilderness guide & reservation manager, WeWilder, WWF

Daniel Hurduzeu

Ranger & operations assistant, WeWilder WWF

Georg Messerer

Rewilding field specialist & Guide Training Lead, WeWilder

Toni Romani

Wildlife Tracking & Ecology Trainer, Wilderness Guide

Dosia Vela

Local Chef, WeWilder

Bibi Vela

Local Chef, WeWilder

Ion Dragomir

Local host, gardner

Ancuța Mihăescu

Financial Coordinator, WeWilder, WWF

Mihai Velescu

Ranger, WWF

Krisztina Bokos

Architect & Interior design

Monica Miculescu

Local Host & Chef

Dochia Velescu

Local host, chef

Cătălin Găvrilă

Mountainbike Guide, Bike Attack Reșița

Tudor Juravlea

Design Thinking Trainer & Facilitator, Design Thinking Society

Tiberiu Chiriches

Landscaping coordinator, Eco Spatii Verzi


Food Waste Manager


Most of the superheroes you see here, are contributing to build WeWilder and its programmes voluntarily, investing their time, skills and heart. Thank you team!

Orieta Hulea

CEO, WWF Romania

Anne Merkle

Innovation Mentor

Christof Krattinger

Wood Construction, Tehnica Schweiz

Anastasia Staicu, Education & Sustainability mentor
Anastasia Staicu

Sustainability & Education Mentor, Asociația SNK

Magor Csibi

Leadership trainer

Alexandra Dumitrescu

Partnerships catalyst, WWF

Vlad Rebenciuc

Carpenter, Atelier Vast

Cristian Vela

Mayor of Armenis

Iacob Hurduzeu

Local Host

Matius Ichim

Architect, Matius Studio

Ioan Moldovan

Wood construction, Tukuma Works

Eduard Terschak

Photographer and technical help

Stefania Matache


Mihai Pasti

Sustainability Advisor

Maria Sgîrcea

Architect, FOR

Radu Luchian

User Experience Designer

Paul Bulencea

Experience designer

Pepe Peraltra Guererro

Architect, FOR

Lăcrimioara Terschak


Matius Ichim

Architect, WeWilder

Pătru Vela

Local Producer

Răzvan Dima


Samuiel Afrasiloaia

Construction engineer, Rothoblaas

Serban Alexandrescu

Brand Strategist

Sonia Oprean

Social Enterprise Strategist, Synerb

Stefan Nechita

Architect, Carpenter, Atelier Vast

Vitalie Brega


Wanda Hutira

Art Director

Miodrag Stoianov


Zoltan Bereczki

Business & Governance Advisor, Synerb

Zsolt Bogdan

Structural Engineer

We, everyone, for a wilder ecosystem.

We build upon the successful reintroduction of more than 180 European bison into the area since 2014. We involve the local community to provide high quality ecotourism services by creating inspirational accommodation, nature and food experiences.