we are so happy to celebrate our big day with you, in a wilder place close to our hearts

Below, a glimpse of the programme, 3-4 June 2023, at WeWilder Campus:

Saturday, arrival to the land

16:00 campers' arrive and set up their tents;

17:00 welcome drinks at WeWilder campus;

18:00 traditional dining experience with warm hearted locals

19:00 starting the barbacoa sheep ritual, cooked underground for 24 hours.

20:00 warming up to the big day

22:00 closing the night & transfers to accomodation

Hay! It's sunday, the big day!

10:00 - 12:00 brunch for wedding campers, on location

13:00 transfers, arrivals, nibbles and refreshments

15:00 the ceremony

17:00 dining in hay and in style; Opening act, take out the barbacoa sheep out of the land

18:00 feast of local delicacies with a twist of flowers and Italy, our love

20:00 music & dancing in the hay

24:00 & 3:00 transfers to accomodation

Why is our wedding wilder?

This location is close to our hearts, because we share the love for nature and local communities with its 333 makers. Truthfully, Stefan was even one of them. Its a community hub built in part by volunteers, a showcase of sustainable practices and choices that can spark change in the world and a real nature-based economy locally. It was built around an ambitious effort to rewild bison in this vast Carpathian landscape, by WWF's trouble-maker team who founded WeWilder, a local community enterprise. Bison are landscape architects and so are all of you who contribute to its ideals by joining us here.

We fell in love with the bison and the locals here. We chose this place because we are inspired by the wild, local ingredients & heartfelt hospitality. Our wedding planners are community builders and we've got pioneers in slow food gastronomy to tickle our senses: Chefs Ioan Bebeșelea, Noemi Hugel and Dosia Vela with support from Bibi Vela, Ion and Nina Râmă and a doezen local ladies too. All drinks are craft, from makes we are prowd of: OneTwo Brew, Bereta Brewery, Catleya Wines, Puscalupi Single Shot Dry Gin, Kofiti artisanal tonic, răchie by Pătru Palcu, Medina Coffee Roasters and Mother Nature's herbs and fruit.

So here is a brief glimpse of the menu


Live "Balmoș" with locals (extra heavy on fresh sheep cheese and eggs, with a bit of corn and special herbal twists). /omnivore & veg 

Maidens pot roast – Porcini mushrooms heartfelt stew and herbal twists. /vegan

Platter of smoked and aged goodies with seasonable veg /omnivore, veg, vegan

Summer pickles and winter pickles because we love fermentation

Trays with different cakes made by local ladies. /omnivore &veg

Season's fruits


Breakfast options for everyone; For campers on site or guests in nearby cabins and hotel, we'll provide a local breakfast too.

Village hill outdoor community tacos

Barbacoa Sheep, slowly cooked underground for 24hrs 

Served with freshly made flat breads, on the fire.

Accompanied by a suite of baked, roasted, matured, colorful seasonal veggies and salads. /omnivore, veg, vegan

How they do it here, unmissable

Seasonal soup, with a touch of moară /vegan

Sarme, traditional cabbage rolls, slow cooked on wood fire. They are really good here. /omnivore & vegan

Accompanied by Coleșă, local polenta, fat sour cream or vegan baked onions cream and pickled hot peppers.

Wild goodies on platters, baked, roasted, smoked and aged treats, a journey through the local harvest with hints of our beloved Italy.

Cakes inspired by this late spring, called early summer. center stage to fruit and veg fruit and veg and the sweet & sour side of life.



Hay! our big day is helping shape a rural economy working to rewild nature, ourselves included.

Your participation is generating revenues for 25+ local families.


10% of revenues in the cooperative model coordinated by WeWilder are directly funding local nature restoration work.

What you eat, drink, wash your hands with, sleep on, how things are built - all come from local producers, crafers, makers and a growing ecosystem of small, ethical, entrepreneurs in the region, part of a growing eco-preneurial movement.

152 European bison are roaming freely as a result of our hosts and partners' work.

2 MINUTES to help prepare for your arrival, logostics and food choices

SURVEY TIME + RAFFLE for campers + invite to car sharing



We recommend you watch these 3 short docs, as you prepare to come this way.

For extra orientation, here is a map

Here you'll find the venue, WeWilder Campus and all the accommodation pinned, so you can plan your journey. Nearest train station from Bucharest is Caransebeș and from Timișoara, Armeniș.

HAY! Please fill in our arrival and food survey! It includes an invitation to car sharing.

Its not a typical wedding venue, so here are some FAQs

We invite you to dress comfortably and cozy. Our wedding is simple and closer to nature, on a hill overlooking lands with wild bison. As most of our time will be outdoors, on the grounds of WeWilder campus we recommend you absolutely bring a waterproof jacket or poncho and nature friendly shoes too.

You will set up your tent in and around the main Campus grounds. You will have access to 3 comfy wooden outdoor toilets. Mothers and babies have priority in the main bathroom in the Fairy building (Zâna). Two tiny huts on campus, Dusk and Noon, will transform to tiny shower cribs for ladies and gentlemen. If you want to camp need some help with gear, please fill in our arrival & food survey.

No matter the occasion, when you choose to spend time in nature, every day, even on your wedding day, prepare for rain! Bring a raincoat, waterproof coat or poncho, in case we get the "rains-rich" blessing.

We are in charge to help you get from your accommodation to the venue and have the right transfer back. Please fill in the arrival & food survey, linked above so we have your info! There is also a map, up on this page for some orientation.

Great to hear. Let us know directly (Anca + Stefan) and we'll put you in touch with our local team to see what's available and what else you can do. You can also check out this page for some guided experiences (advance booking) or here you can find local trails you can explore at your own pace.

Phone signal on the campus ground, on all networks ✔. Internet powered by starlink.

"Carpathian Beauties" and "Raul Lung" cabins have limited reception but full wifi. 

We are happy to hear! In the main "Fairy" building (Zâna), you will have room to play with your youngsters in the library and main space. We will have a dedicated team member to help kids feel at home.