Thanks for sharing these days with us, in this wilder place close to our hearts

As for the nice tradition with the wedding "testimonies", we wanted to pay forward our hopes for a healthier planet. We can choose to support the our local makers and we can vote, with our consumer choices to be or not to be on nature's side. An easy step on nature's side, is to buy local, support artisans and ateliers who connected to their land and its locals. Our friend and partners are offering a 20% discount to all of you, to try the new generation of makers of a local future.

Pușcălupi Single Shot Dry Gin

20% discount for the month of June. To access the code, go to Instagram and write to @puscalupigin using the LOVEWILDER password.

Catleya Wines

20% on all wines, valid until September 3rd 2023. Use LOVEWILDER discount code on their site.

de Florian

20% off using LOVEWILDER discountcode on their website.

Doda Natural Cosmetics

20% on all natural cosmetics, made in Banat. Use LOVEWILDER discount code on the website.




20% on all herbal, craft, creative, out of this world tonic water. Use LOVEWILDER discount code on the website.

OIL RIGHT used oil looong lasting candles

20% on all handmade loooong lasting candles created by talented people from vulnerable background. They are all made out of used cooking oil, having a huge positive impact on our water systems, reducing contamination and waste. Use LOVEWILDER discount code on the website.


Our wilder wedding

Thank you for being here and being a part of this community hub that is weaving together a sustainable future, by working with makers, producers, farmers,  whose practices are making a  change in the world and taking care of nature every step of the way. Every day we have a choice to live our lives with care for each other and nature. This community we all a part of, is where we feel most at home. WeWilder campus is a capsule of the world we hope Sasha grows up in, where buison roam freely and people live in harmony with the seasons. Once again, thank you for being part of our wilder dreams and community ways forward.


We recommend you watch these 3 short docs, as you prepare to come this way.