Armeniș, Romania

Bison Tracking

Uncover nature's hidden stories while following bison tracks in the Carpathian wilderness.



Join this unique experience on the frontline of nature conservation. Your guide will provide you with a well-balanced experience, interpreting nature’s stories through the tracks and signs left behind. Learn about the importance of rewilding and forward thinking community development from the local team. Your visit is contributing to this rewilding project by engaging the local community and supporting local green services.


Explore the wilderness

Explore the wilderness

Be on the frontline of nature conservation and discover the importance of bison to the ecosystem, guided by the local bison rewilding team and experienced nature guides.

Reconnect with nature

Reconnect with nature

Learn how to interpret and identify the actors of flora and fauna on the stage of the Romanian wilderness.

Live the traditional way

Live the traditional way

Get a glimpse of the traditional lifestyle in the Southern Carpathians by tasting the local food and meeting the local chefs, living in a traditional house and learning about the old rural ways.


Whether it's in the wild or at the table, our experienced and knowledgeable hosts are conscious to create a welcoming space of comfort where each participant can relax and enjoy nature.

Matei Miculescu

Matei Miculescu

Matei is an experienced nature guide and ranger and will take on an incredible journey on the tracks of the wild bison. You will have a chance to get to know the story of this ambitious bison rewilding initiative, its impact on nature and local people. He is an involved member of the community and a local facilitator. He speaks fluent English and Romanian.

What's Included

What's Included

Accomodation in a tented camp on folding beds with sleeping bags that we provide

Accomodation in a local guesthouse, with heating, bathroom, hot water

All meals, including picnic in nature on both days, handmade by local producers, sourced from small-scale farming

Local 4x4 transport necessary from the Armeniș Visitor Center located in the village, to more remote areas, where the nature safari starts and the bison roam freely

Transfer to Armeniș from airport/train station

Water bottles

Trekking gear


2 nights

Bison tracking for up to 8 people. Price per person varies depending on group size. Bookable upon request at least 2 days prior to the event.


3 nights

Bison tracking and safari camp for up to 8 people. Price per person varies depending on group size. Bookable upon request at least 2 days prior to the event.


Măgura Zimbrilor

Where bison roam free & wild

We are based in the Southern Carpathians near the Bison Hillock rewilding area, where over 100 bison roam free across one of Europe's most bio-diverse natural landscapes. Experience the wilderness for yourself and activate your everyday nature awareness, thus contributing to this rewilding project by engaging the local community and supporting local green services.

Măgura Zimbrilor

Trip Tips

10% of revenues are dedicated to creating a community conservation fund

10% of revenues are dedicated to creating a community conservation fund

This is an instrument that keeps giving back to nature by funding small conservation projects to help maintain the wildness of the area. The fund is managed by WWF involving locals in choosing and implementing the local projects. From small river restoration projects to reducing pressure on certain habitats, we give back 10% of what you pay to nature.


The WeWilder experience opened up a gateway for me to become aware of deeper aspects of Life. Learning about wildlife tracking, trailing, sit spots and sleep-outs transformed my relationship with myself and the more than human world and offered me the possibility to start understanding Life in a unique way. This experience put me on a path of eco-awakening and ever since I've encountered the gaze of the Wild Bison I have been nurturing my relationship with Nature in ways that I did not have access to before.

Paul, Experience Designer

Previously my appreciation of nature was superficial because I didn't know what I was looking at or even how to look. Now I learned a small but important hint in how to start seeing, listening.Thank you for opening my mind and senses. It is not an exaggeration that I feel I'm excited about life again, thanks to the WeWilder experience.

Nini, Graphic Designer

WeWilder activated my “biological sensitivity” in such a way that I—the guy that secretly despised birdwatchers no earlier than September 2020—ended up looking with loving eyes at any ruffled tit in the park.

Șerban, Advertising Company Director

Thank you for this awesome experience and for teaching me new things I never thought I would be interested in or intersect with! :)”

Bogdan, Architect

Bison Hillock offers you a lifetime experience that drives you from the comfort of an authentic house to the beauty of wilderness. A perfect location to reconnect with you and nature.

Otilia, Entrepreneur & Marketing

You'll Be Staying Here

Tented Camp

Tented Camp

We set up a safari camp at a site with marvelous views to the Țarcu Mountain and surrounding hills, where you will hear only birds and the sound of the wind. There is an inspiring outdoor shower, built with natural materials like stone and a braided screen. In the dwelling you can find a well stocked pantry for the picnics during the experience. Electricity for battery charging is available via a solar panel.

Village House

Village House

Enjoy a peaceful night in a village accommodation with all the modern amenities, that helps you pace yourself after a long travel or the time in nature. It is either a traditional house that has been renovated conserving its charm, or a newly built wooden tiny house that is inspired by traditional crafts, like shingle cover or the gable roof.

The house is stocked with sustainable cosmetics produced locally and is observing the WeWilder principles of sustainability.

Bison Tracking

Armeniș, Romania· 2 nights