Home in wilder nature

Far away from touristic destinations and city life, yet only a 1.5 hour drive from the Timișoara International Airport in Romania, WeWilder is that heartful place where seemingly abstract concepts like "circular economy" actually translate into happy locals and a growing wilder spirit in you.

Explore below how sustainable practices and choices can spark real change in the world thanks to a nature's local economy.


WeWilder Campus doesn't rely on short-stay in-and-out commodified tourism, instead it acts as a lab for a wilder economy and society. We strive to create mutual learning experiences and bring to life local ventures between locals and folks like you, who are interested in planetary health and come here to be inspired about practices that can get us there.

New local eco-ventures

We are doubling down on what we stand for and are teaming up with even more locals to bring to life 3 new eco-ventures, but need your help!

30% of the generated income from our this campaign, along with all direct donations made in December will help make these possible.

1. Clay Pottery


Contemporary pottery and wildlife tracking, together at your table! Inspired by the coffee cups at our Campus, made by FOR Design Studio in Timișoara, we're now prototyping a new series of clay cups embossed with real life-sized wildlife tracks.

Order yours and support us to extend the collection with even larger pottery featuring bigger tracks, like bear, bison, and wolf!

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2. Trail Cuisine


Who said trail food had to be bland and boring? Our approach offers a great experience for the taste buds, even when you're "out there".

We want to take our dry food packs to the level this winter, test recipes, find the right packaging and run a bigger trial in partnership with a wildlife photography collective, but we need your support!

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3. Horseback Riding


This winter we are gearing up to bring to life a horse-ride & tracking program together with Mirela, a local naturalist and experienced horse owner from Armeniș.

Mirela already has 2 horses and wants to adopt another 3-4 this winter, so we are raising funds to help cover high food and shelter costs, so that she can train the horses for the next season.

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The raised funds will cover in part our team's time, basic material costs (clay, packaging, rooted vegetables, horse feed), media costs, along with travel & subsistence for the talented individuals who support us. We already have designers, ecologists, photographers, videographers, marketers, coders, and professional chefs in our incubation team and cannot wait take the next step!


First came the bisons, reintroduced in the Țarcu Mountains area since 2014. This one ton living legend was once almost extinct in Europe: 100 years ago, there were less than 50 specimens in European zoos. But now the huge herbivore is making an exciting comeback - there are around 8000 bisons on the continent, out of which 180 are here.

In a serene part of what Romanians call „Banatul Montan”. The reintegration of these bison is the symbol of „yes, we can” when it comes to respecting nature and making the right choices for the future of this planet.


Highilghts from our wilder economny lab

How we've grown seeds of community impact in 2023

You've made it on this page because you heard our call for help! Your support, in form of purchasing at a premium one of the exclusive experiences below will finance our start of the year. This winter season we'll be growing 3 new ventures including culinary start-up & social business making dried trail cuisine, giving a longer life and more value to seasonal ecological produce.

€20000+, spent locally on agro-ecological products

7 local employees & 15 Freelance local colleagues

5 Food preservation trainings with & for locals: aging, dring & food fermentation;

Locals hosted 10+ haymaking workshops for travellers

working with 14 ethical manufactures in our supply chain to develop an SME ESG standard

30+ childred part of a weekely tracking academy

accelerate community impact with direct donations

Don't want to place any orders or pre-orders but still want to support us? We welcome any and all donations, and are grateful for all the help we can get. If you're just looking for a one-time donation, then that is also very highly appreciated.

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